Welcome to The Real World: People Get Periods.

Period. That’s it. There’s no denying it. Every 30 days or so, menstruators will have a period. And, while this seems like basic knowledge, there’s a whole lot more to it. Periods can mean discomfort, pain, anxiety, embarrassment, and also require specific hygiene products. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the period supplies they need. That’s where Tidal Babe Period Bank comes in!

1 in 4 Women Have Struggled to Purchase Period Products in the Past Year Due to Lack of Income

– Alliance for Period Supplies

Donate tampons, pads and other period supplies to Tidal Babe Period Bank.

What Is Tidal Babe Period Bank Doing About This?

By providing access to free period supplies, we help menstruators get on with their daily lives. Without access to period supplies, menstruators are often forced to use diapers, t-shirts, tissues, and other household items to manage their flow. For young menstruators, sneaking off to the bathroom to change a tampon or pad already feels embarrassing enough, but add in using an item that isn’t made for periods and its even worse (and potentially dangerous). Not having period supplies can cause anxiety on top of embarrassment, and often leads to menstruators missing work, school, doctor’s appointments, social events, and other daily responsibilities. Periods shouldn’t keep menstruators in Greater Cincinnati from living their lives, and at Tidal Babe Period Bank, we won’t let them!


The Numbers

Volunteer at Tidal Babe Period Bank to help pack period supply kits with free tampons, pads, Advil and other basic supplies.

Making A Difference In Greater Cincinnati

Tidal Babe Period Bank can’t effectively serve the Greater Cincinnati community without your help! We make contributing to our organization and local community easy with a lot of great ways to get involved. 

Group Volunteers

Let’s set up a 2-hour volunteer event for your work, school, or social group. Packing these essential period kits for our local community is a great team-building activity! 

Student Volunteers

If you are in need of hours to fulfill your community service requirements for school and clubs, look no further! Sign-up online through our online volunteer portal to easily get involved while tracking and verifying your community service hours! 

Kid Volunteers

We love having kids get involved in our community outreach activities! It is a great way to show them the importance of volunteering in a safe, welcoming environment. Parents/guardians – sign your youngsters up and guide us as to how long you feel they can participate. We want all volunteers to enjoy their time with Tidal Babe Period Bank!