Tidal Babe Period Bank may be new to the area but we’re proud of the impact we’ve already had on the Greater Cincinnati area in just a few months. Cincinnati women and girls are able to carry on with their busy lives when they have proper period supplies. More girls are staying in school and more women are able to attend work because of access to period supplies. We are helping to strengthen the amazing partner agencies, hospitals, schools and OBGYN offices we work with by giving them an incentive, free period supplies, that keeps women, girls and families plugged into social services that can change their lives.

How our period supplies impact the community

Thank you! It’s so nice to have so much help as a single mom. Just know that it is appreciated very much.

Client 2018

Currently looking for a job. This program is a help until I get back on my feet.


Very grateful for this service because everyone needs a helping hand. I like receiving help and not feeling like I’m being judged or look down on.


God bless everyone that are helping us to go through this situation thank you very much.